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Mission Statement

  • Remove Harry Reid from the U.S. Senate in the 2016 election. 
  • Win back a conservative (TEA Party) GOP majority in the United States Senate through the 2014 and 2016 elections.
  •  Grassroots fundraising for Independent Expenditures in opposition to Democrat candidates, incumbents and the liberal political machine.
  • OurVoicePAC's videos and other communications provide alternative political messaging for conservative candidates.
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-J Ward, Chicago
Download Voter ID and undObamacare Petitions to circulate in your neighborhood May
17. Follow these instructions.
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Contact For: Sharron Angle, OurVoicePAC Chair and NFRA President
Phyllis Westrup
(775) 747-1238


Sharron Angle, Chairman of OurVoicePAC and President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (“NFRA”), announced today an effort to repeal state Obamacare exchanges.
“Beginning in Harry Reid’s home state, The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange /Obamacare in Nevada (NRS695i), repealing the state exchanges can roll back the impact of Obamacare nationwide. To this end, OurVoicePAC, in conjunction with the NFRA, has launched a website and campaign at www.undobamacare.com,” Angle said. “The State of Nevada has already spent over $71 million on the Silver State Insurance Exchange website that is ineffective and potentially removes the medical privacy of Nevadans who enroll. Also, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), repealing state Obamacare exchanges would be a savings of over $15 billion over ten years.

“This is not just about saving money! There is simply no rationale for state exchanges. Big Government Obamacare lobbyists for state exchanges told state legislators that if their states did not create their own exchange, the federal government will control Obamacare in their state through a federal exchange. But, what we know now is that state exchanges are ‘a federal exchange with a veneer of state flexibility’. These state exchanges – really de facto federal exchanges in disguise - are President Obama’s and Harry Reid’s preferred exchange; the Federal government doesn’t have to set them up, yet, state Obamacare exchanges have to comply with Obamacare and its federal rules. Furthermore, these Obamacare exchanges, as in Nevada, are often established by Obamacare opponents,” Angle said in an e-mail fundraising letter. “Taxpayers under Obamacare state exchanges, like Nevadans, will pay for their own state exchange and in addition will pay billions in Federal taxes for other states opting out of state exchanges.”

Mrs. Angle, a former Nevada Legislator who narrowly lost her Senate bid against Harry Reid in 2010, asked Nevadans to:
“Call Governor Sandoval (775) 684-5670 and tell him, it’s never too late to do the right thing— by 
  calling a Special Session to repeal the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange/ Obamacare in Nevada (NRS695i).”

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